Digital transformation in the automotive industry requires effectively dealing with a large ecosystem of internal and external engineers, partners, and suppliers across multiple technology platforms that support product innovation, operations, and monetization.

Digital application platforms—along with advanced technologies including cloud, mobile, big data analytics, cognitive analytics, blockchain, and IoT—make it possible to communicate and collaborate virtually, quickly, and securely with a disparate, global team and to manage and improve products across their life cycle.

This new brief from IDC explores recommendations for automotive leaders as they navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape, including:

  • The biggest challenges the automotive industry is facing
  • How to respond to meet changing business needs
  • How technology can support digital transformation initiatives
  • Benefits of a digital application platform
  • Five key “essential guidance” points for automotive manufacturers

IDC, How Digital Transformation Is Driving the Automotive Industry, Jeff Hojlo, February 2018