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Appian Robotic Process Automation

Unified automation. One fixed cost. Unlimited bots.

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Appian RPA, among the top RPA solutions.

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology for automating high volume, rules-based, mundane tasks performed by people, or for connecting systems that don’t have modern APIs. RPA software robots work with systems and data exactly like people do, but with higher accuracy and much faster. Plus, bots can work 24x7x365, boosting productivity, freeing employees to work on high value activities, breaking down data silos, and driving more value from legacy systems.


Reduce the number of employees required to accomplish a task.


Bots work continuously, reducing the time it takes to accomplish tasks.


RPA, when implemented in stable and well defined processes, is more accurate than people, raising the quality of work.

Cost Savings

RPA can lower operating costs and extend system usage in the absence of APIs, stretching ROI.


RPA helps remove mundane tasks so employees can focus on driving real impact throughout the organization.


“Appian RPA is our first choice for automating critical or complex processes.”

See how Deloitte Robotics has automated 100+ robotic processes with Appian RPA.

Cloud-native RPA with the governance CIOs demand.

Deliver secure, highly governed automation to your entire enterprise.

  • Powerful Governance – Centrally manage, monitor, and deploy bots across the organization to increase scale and performance.
  • Secure, Cloud RPA – Simplify access and adoption of RPA with Appian’s globally available and highly secure cloud.
  • Dynamic Exception Handling – Best-in-class human-in-the-loop capabilities to handle exceptions and ad-hoc activities, fast.
  • Robust Java Development – Provide developers greater control to create sophisticated bots that can handle even the most complicated tasks.
  • Deployment Flexibility – Create unlimited bots and deploy in both Windows and Linux environments, optimizing the cost of operating a digital workforce.
  • Detailed Audit Trails – Complete visibility into every RPA process and action for control and optimization of your digital workforce.
  • RPA TemplatesDownload and deploy fully functioning bots for faster time to value.

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Pacific Life

“Using Appian Cloud for process automation checks all the boxes for our security and reliability requirements. Appian RPA’s cloud-native bots running on that trusted infrastructure gives us confidence in expanding our use of RPA.”

Pacific Life Insurance Company

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The right technology for the right use case.

Free employees to focus on higher value activities with scalable, end-to-end automation that quickly drives business impact.

  • Only Appian combines RPA, workflow, decision rules, AI, and case management for full-stack automation.
  • Integrate data from any system, increasing the impact of task and processes automation.
  • Incorporate RPA task automation into any low-code enterprise business process.
  • Appian provides the fastest way to drive process automation across the enterprise at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Learn why an automation platform that includes critical technologies like RPA, BPM, AI, and Low-Code is essential to intelligent business process automation objectives.

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Optimize your bots to increase efficiency.

Appian automates your processes, improves CX, and drives operational efficiencies for maximum ROI.

  • Turn-key RPA deployments with packaged libraries and credentials have bots up and running fast.
  • Automate task handoff between people and bots with a full audit trail to ensure bot optimization.
  • Augment your digital workforce and meet SLAs with customizable and actionable user interfaces.
  • Handle exceptions seamlessly by bringing people and bots together.
  • Detect inefficiencies in bot-driven tasks for continuous improvement.

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Control Center

A better way to manage your robotic workforce.

Enable your automation Center of Excellence (COE) to increase your scale and efficiency by managing, governing, and controlling all RPA vendor deployments from one central location.

Appian partners with RPA vendors including Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and UiPath.

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“Unlimited bots for a fixed price is a compelling proposition by itself. That proposition combined with Appian’s low-code automation platform is the reason we are excited about Appian RPA.”


Powerful analytics enhance your business.

Ensure visibility, compliance, and auditability with detailed data of all actions taken by bots and humans.

  • Report on bot actions with customized dashboards.
  • Analyze data to identify automation opportunities.
  • Optimize workflows with detailed execution logs including success and failure metrics.
  • Gain greater visibility over the entire business process.

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Appian and Celonis

Continuous process improvement throughout your automation journey.

By combining Appian full-stack automation with the power of Celonis process and task mining, organizations can discover new opportunities to scale automation across the enterprise.

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