Return to the workplace safely, while staying compliant. Our solution helps HR manage the complexities of getting back in the office.


Appian World Keynote

Virus Economics:

Opposing views on the complexities and impact of returning to the workplace.

Austan Goolsbee and Dr. Arthur B. Laffer

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Discover the power of low-code automation.

"Application leaders responsible for application and product portfolio governance should... combine RPA and low-code platforms to optimize and transform business operations."

Gartner, Automate Business Operations to Scale Your Digitial Business
Rob Dunie, Saikat Ray, 26 November 2019.

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Any similarity to other low-code platforms ends here.

Full-stack Automation<br /><span class='line-2'>for Power</span>

Full-stack Automation
for Power

Workflow, RPA, AI, business rules, and case management together in one platform.

Data Anywhere<br /><span class='line-2'>for Flexibility</span>

Data Anywhere
for Flexibility

Connect and enhance existing systems. View data in a single interface. Data migration optional.

Low-code<br /><span class='line-2'>for Speed</span>

for Speed

Create new apps up to 20x faster. Change them easily. Every app is automatically mobile.

Why low-code?

We believe companies need a simpler way to create software that helps them run smarter. That’s why we pioneered the low-code market.

Matt Calkins, Founder and CEO, Appian

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Appian is the only recognized triple crown leader — in automation, low-code, and case management.


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Case Management

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