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The digital economy is filled with challenges, opportunities, and risks. To compete and win, the most innovative businesses are embracing new business models and processes that drive superior value for customers and employees. Appian’s digital transformation platform enables you to move faster, innovate faster, and work smarter – to enhance your customer experience, improve your operational efficiency, and respond effectively to ever-changing risks and regulations.

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Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

All those systems you built five, ten, twenty years ago? They simply can’t meet the expectations of today’s customers. How can you deliver cohesive, mobile, omnichannel experiences with data spread across applications designed for yesterday’s economy, and an IT organization struggling to meet business demand?

Build that seamless customer experience and earn the greatest of customer rewards—brand loyalty—with Appian. Appian’s digital transformation platform unifies your data, mobilizes everything, makes IT your Innovation Team, and creates more productive employees and more engaging customer touchpoints.

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Revolutionary Stories

Ryder Logo

Mobile apps transform the truck rental experience.

50% reduction in rental transaction times.

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CME Group Logo

Product launch application.

80% reduction in time to market

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Claims processing application for federal crop insurance.

Processing time reduced from one month to 3 days for 1.2 million policyholders.

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Appian’s low-code app development platform on a tablet

Transform Your Business Operations

Digital transformation is more than improving customer experience. It’s about increasing customer value. That starts with business operations. How fast can you evolve to try new business models? How do you make sure employees are engaged and productive? How can you work seamlessly with suppliers and partners across your value chain?

Appian enables business change while maximizing operational performance. Our Industry-leading business process management (BPM) engine automates and optimizes your business workflows. Users not only get the information they need, they get it in the right context—improving decision making, streamlining operations, and maximizing performance.

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Transformative Stories

Bendigo Bank - Bigger than a bank

Full customer lifecycle management.

25 customer-focused enterprise apps in 18 months

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DFW Logo

App suite for airport operations, customer service, and revenue management.

Complete airport digitization with 36 apps delivered in 18 months.

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Flowserve Logo

Invoice dispute management application.

50% reduction in dispute resolution time.

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Appian’s low-code app development platform on a mobile phone

Master Global Governance, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance

You’re subject to a dizzying array of complex regulations. Everywhere you operate has a unique regulatory environment, each continually evolving. And the systems you use to manage and document regulatory compliance? They all operate in silos, making truly global risk management a risk unto itself. Think the people and resources to manage all this cost a lot? Inefficient GRC costs more: increased time-to-market for new products, increased financial risk, fines, even criminal penalties. This risk isn’t one worth taking.

Appian unifies your fragmented data into a single, global view. Flexible business processes manage everything from regulatory filings to incident response. When new regulations hit? You adapt fast. It’s enterprise-grade compliance for an interconnected world: trusted, secure, and governed.

Reduce risk. Worry less. And put focus on your core business…with Appian.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Stories

Barclays Logo - Flat

Centralized governance of global activities.

Application delivered in 3 months

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10 systems consolidated into 1.

Consolidated their legacy systems and information into one case management solution

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Janus Capital Group logo

App for automating portfolio pricing and cash management.

98.6% reduction in high-risk manual activities.

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Appian’s low-code app development platform displayed on an array of devices

Build and Deploy Cutting-Edge Apps 10x Faster

The ability to quickly build, deploy, and evolve business applications is what separates digital leaders from those left-behind. But the more you embrace digitization, the more complex your IT architecture becomes. Finding and retaining talented software developers is increasingly difficult…and expensive. Legacy apps drain efficiency…and your IT budget. And employees aren’t standing pat, they’re creating their own solutions in a world of Shadow IT that haunts the business…adding even more complexity.

What if you could build and deploy dozens of powerful new business apps 10x faster? What if you could make any employee as productive as your top coders? What if worries over scalability, security, and governance became a thing of the past?

Forget “what if.” Make it real with Appian… the industry’s leading low-code platform-as-a-service.

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Cutting-Edge Stories

Enterprise logo

“An end-to-end operating system for our Rideshare business.”
Application live in 8 weeks.

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USF Logo

Mobile app to manage student experience.

Application developed and deployed in 3 weeks.

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Target Group LTD Logo

Next-Gen CRM solution.

80% reduction in customer service processing time

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