Predictions from 10 of the World’s Most Influential Digital Thinkers

You know the deal.

Digital technologies are shaking up entire industries. Conventional business models are being turned inside out in the quest for digitally-enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Innovative new businesses abound, but many long-standing brands have not yet realized that their competitive strategies are no longer relevant. The accelerating pace of technology change means competitive advantage can evaporate in a flash.

For C-suite execs at traditional businesses, staying ahead of that kind of digital disruption can seem like mission impossible. It’s not.

The truth is, long-standing brands are mastering disruption by harnessing digital trends to create new value for customers.

2018 Predictions reveals:

  • Why embracing digital trends is essential to staying ahead of disruption
  • Why long-standing brands are adopting emerging trends like Low-Code Development, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation—and why you need to do the same
  • How to position your organization to take full advantage of the digital trends driving the future of work
  • How to get started on the digital transformation journey your company needs to succeed.

Drawing on the data and expertise of top scholars, researchers, and digital visionaries, this eBook is your guide to the digital trends that should be on your radar in 2018 and beyond.