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Procurement & Contract Management

Visibility to improve end-to-end procurement cycles

Procurement organizations control spending and support operations with timely acquisition of quality goods and services. Improving effectiveness around this strategic function leads to cost reduction, risk mitigation, and better purchasing decisions. However, procurement and contracting teams often rely on manual processes, spreadsheets, and siloed systems which results in long lead times.

By centralizing and automating procurement processes, including purchasing and supplier communication, organizations have the transparency to be more strategic in their sourcing and negotiations.

With Appian, organizations can proactively manage all aspects of the procurement and contract management lifecycle to improve performance.

  • Improve visibility and negotiations with a single view of contracts, suppliers, purchase history, and projects
  • Reduce sourcing cycle times with streamlined workflow and monitoring for procurement teams
  • Better manage supplier relationships from contracting and communications to performance measurement and on-boarding
  • Automate the end-to-end procurement and contracting lifecycle to save time and money

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