Government technology leaders need agility to fuel digital transformation—and meet the constantly rising expectations of elected officials, citizens, and businesses. In this report, Gartner explains the need for fundamental changes in Government IT and delivery models required to meet the expectations of a digitally capable workforce and community.

Discover how Public Sector CIOs can build a digital government technology platform that blends legacy solutions with emerging solutions and capabilities. Read this report to learn about:

  • CIOs building the workforce of tomorrow and new digital tools to meet the needs of tomorrow.
  • Governments looking beyond early, quick wins to find digital transformation projects with more meaningful return on their technology investments.
  • Government CIOs looking holistically at platforms, delivery models, organization, and people to balance the digital transition with what comes next.
  • IT modernization, digital transformation, and agile-based tools that accelerate the retirement of legacy systems and reduce technical debt.

Gartner, Predicts 2019: Establish the Foundations for Next-Generation Digital Government Success, Dean Lacheca, Bill Finnerty, Cathleen Blanton, Alia Mendonsa, Neville Cannon, Arthur Mickoleit, 7 December 2018