Insurers today face a complex, fast-changing array of challenges, and how they react to these challenges and changes will impact the way they develop and offer their products and services, and possibly even their business models.

Gartner has identified four different scenarios for business transformation that insurers should consider as part of their long-term planning, and has compiled a scenario planning document as a roadmap for CIOs. This report details:

  • Why scenario planning enables decision-makers to make better near-term and long-range strategic discussions
  • How the four scenarios offer a strong foundation for an ongoing discussion of the future of the industry on insurers IT and business strategies
  • The macro external forces – and companies’ internal corporate cultures – that will influence and reshape their businesses’ future

Download this report from Gartner to learn how Life and P&C insurance CIOs can prepare for the future.

Gartner, Insurance 2030 Scenarios Update: CIOs Need Greater Adaptability to Survive and Thrive in an Era of Ongoing Industry Transformation, Sham Gill, Pete Redshaw, Peter Delano, Laurie Shotton, Richard Natale, Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Jeff Haner, 2 November 2018.