Digital transformation is crucial to most companies’ long-term vision, but are organizations truly ready for it? Do they have the technical infrastructure and staff to support that vision?

According to new market data, companies feel understaffed and overwhelmed:

  • Talent Shortage
    82% can’t attract and retain the software engineers they need
  • Overwhelming Customer Demands
    72% don’t believe they can scale to keep up with business demand in the coming years
  • Application Backlog
    1 in 5 have 50 or more major app development requests in their backlog
  • Pressure to Fix Issues Quickly
    91% struggle with technical debt

The 2018 Digital Transformation Readiness Survey from Appian and explores these inhibitors to transformation, and how low-code development presents a solution.

Read the report to see how ready you are to enact real digital transformation across your business.