Appian Records

All those solutions you bought to help run your business?

They’ve inadvertently spawned a monster.

And it’s bigger and badder than you could ever imagine.

What are the signs of a monster problem?

But you? You can slay the beast once and for all…with Appian Records.

Tablet and mobile device showing a business process

Abolish Silos

What do you get when you have continuously growing information combined with all those systems in place to manage it? Blind spots. A lack of visibility to current complete information. And, perhaps worst of all, false confidence in your decisions.

Adapt to the Digital Age with Appian Records:

  • Categorize important information by business topic, not by where it resides
  • Connect all apps to one or more core business topics (examples: Customer, Product, Employee, Service Request, Sale)
  • Integrate structured data, documents, reports, and collaboration for the deepest possible view
  • Avoid long, costly system consolidation projects by virtualizing data—create relevant topics and views in just days, if not hours

Unify Your Data

Appian Records converges data from across enterprise systems into a single, drillable summary for a single version of truth.

  • Grab data from across multiple internal and external systems, organized by business topic
  • View secure, personalized information in real-time
  • Speed up development with built-in web service, database, and enterprise software connectors
  • Securely connect in the cloud, behind a firewall, or both

Align It With Your Processes

It doesn’t stop there. Appian Records integrates enterprise processes so informed action can be taken directly from the screen.

  • Initiate structured processes or flexible cases, straight from a business topic
  • Make decisions with the complete picture, for better customer engagement and faster resolutions
  • Connect all tasks, processes, and notifications directly to key business topics
  • Orchestrate activities and updates across multiple business systems

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Process + Data = Your Success. Converge it all and accelerate how your organization gets work done.