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Claims Administration

Optimize the entire claims lifecycle

Insurers need claims administration that supports and optimizes the entire claims lifecycle, from first notice of loss, to payment, closure, and reporting. A comprehensive and agile solution is needed that reduces risk, cost and increases collaboration and data quality. But many claims systems are not easily customized, and have limited access to external data and documents, leaving insurers with gaps in processes that necessitate manual intervention and administrative tasks by adjusters and supervisors.

The Appian low-code platform allows insurers to easily configure workflows and processes to their exact specifications, enabling the end-to-end automation of routine tasks, ultimately driving reduced claims expenses while delivering a higher level of customer service.

  • Gather information from multiple in-house legacy systems, databases, and other 3rd-party software and present that information into a 360-degree view
  • Expose the claims data securely to agents and other external stakeholders to enhance collaboration
  • Enable automation through the use of RPA, ML (Machine Learning) or via suggested actions with AI (Artificial Intelligence), while keeping the human in control where needed

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