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Finance, Administration & Compliance

Maintain regulatory compliance with best-practice process and information management techniques

The pace of regulatory change, connected technologies and the Internet of Things are disrupting how insurers conduct business and manage risk. With Appian, you can address these new challenges and gain visibility and control over important processes that were previously manual and disconnected. Connect business processes, data and people to forge better decisions.

Beware the Monster. Slay the Beast

Converge everything: process, data, apps on one unified platform.

Achieve better results through real-time collaboration and an easily accessible trails of associated notes and documentation with one application platform.

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Overcome Your Obstacles and Thrive in Today’s Challenging Environment

Innovate faster and run smarter with a low-code rapid application enterprise development platform.

Insurance firms are no longer willing to be held back by legacy technology, and the large-scale, rip-and-replace of complex core administration systems is not viable. Learn how Appian’s enterprise platform scales for the smallest to the largest programs, on-premise or in the cloud.

Key Analyst Report

Learn why Appian was recognized as a Leader in the Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant.