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Operational Effectiveness

Increase productivity and efficiency across business operations and the energy value chain.

Streamline processes, automate manual tasks, and empower employees to achieve operational excellence and profitable growth. The Appian platform provides the necessary visibility and integration across projects, assets, and business lines to optimize performance.

Turnaround Execution

Ensure project control and visibility to execute turnarounds effectively.

Automate turnaround tasks, increase collaboration, ensure auditability, and make information accessible, when it’s needed most—from legacy systems, ERP solutions, asset management tools, and project management software.

Asset Management

Improve execution across all phases of the asset lifecycle.

Achieve a single view of assets, projects, and employee actions to improve project auditability, asset utilization, and decisioning. Improved process management delivers reduced cycle times, increased production, and proactive regulatory compliance—to realize more value at every asset phase.

Field Service Enablement

Empower field engineers with flexible mobile capabilities

Manage complex routing and distribution of field tasks—including maintenance, servicing, and work orders—to ensure adherence to protocol, maximize job margins, and deliver visibility and audit capabilities to management.

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