Barclays is a transatlantic, corporate, consumer, and investment bank organization based primarily out of the UK and the US, focused on consumer and client financial services.

Barclays operates in over 40 countries and employs approximately 83,500 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for millions of clients and customers worldwide. Their strong long-term credit rating and over 325 years of history, expertise in banking, and obsession with customer experience, have earned them an impeccable reputation as well as the confidence and trust of their clients.

Business Problem

To meet the challenges of increased security risks in the digital age, ensure that customer assets are protected and maintain the trust they’ve worked so hard to earn, Barclays Group created the Chief Security Office (CSO). The CSO is comprised of people and teams from across the organization, all coming in with their own processes, systems, and spreadsheets. CSO leadership realized that they were running things inefficiently and wanted to get the entire department on a unified case management platform.

Meanwhile, Barclays knew they needed to replace its aging call center software. Barclays understands that their customers are unique, that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Aligned with their obsessive focus on customer experience, they wanted to individualize experience for each customer depending on their needs, which meant delivering a cohesive, integrated experience whether on a desktop, a mobile device, through the IVR, or agent.

Appian Solution

The CSO knew they needed a flexible solution that could respond to the ever-evolving security risk landscape. Fraud investigations and screenings demand collaboration so that suspicious activities can be quickly identified and escalated to relevant stakeholders, across every channel, especially mobile, since their investigators are constantly in the field. They also needed an easy-to-use system with a visual interface that displays every step of the process — from referral, to case, outcome, and investigation.

A four-week pilot showed Barclays CSO that Appian was the platform that would enable unified work processes, global data visibility, and powerful governance.

For customer service, Appian built Barclays a proof-of-concept in a matter of days. They saw how Appian could be applied more broadly to enrich both the service representative and customer experience. They used Appian to deploy 9 processes in 10 months, resulting in an 84% reduction in processing time on the back-end and a 64% increase in customer satisfaction within the first month.

Barclays understands Appian as a platform. Appian’s low-code flexibility and its “Lego-like” reusability is bringing meaningful results to Barclays, across the enterprise.

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