Low-Code Fast Break: Slam Dunk Your Digital Transformation Goals

The fastbreak…it’s one of the most exciting plays in basketball. A speedy transition from defense to offense…where players sprint down the court and score before the defense has a chance to set. 

There’s a parallel in the digital economy, where the name of the game is speed.

To compete and win, you need to stay ahead of digital disruption. But you can’t do this with systems installed five, ten, twenty years ago…And data spread across old-school apps designed for yesterday’s economy. Nope, you need to bench old school processes and models for a new digital transformation playbook. Otherwise, you will end up getting dunked on by digital disruptors.

Alternatively, you could turn the tables, and run a fastbreak transition on digital disruption…Rapidly build business apps to respond to fast-changing regulations, risks, and expectations. But this calls for a new approach…a speedy transition to digital transformation…a willingness to innovate, to bust a shake-and-bake move on the status quo…to explore the “what ifs”, and make them real.

The question is, are you ready to step up your digital transformation game? If not… if you choose to coast… it could put your career aspirations at risk.

Imagine this scenario.

You’ve got a board of directors presentation on your calendar… And, it’s coming up fast.

The stakes are high. A lot can go right. But a lot can go wrong… Wrong enough to cut short a promising career. Your future? It has never looked brighter. But you can’t shake the feeling that things are about to go sideways…

And then… OH SNAP!…Bad news hits the fan.

Your fiercest competitor drops a press release, announcing a killer app aimed at eating into your market share. This could potentially cost your company millions in lost sales for the coming year. But right now you’re under pressure to fast track delivery of that new mobile app on the latest version of your product road map.

And your CEO? She wants delivery BEFORE your board presentation. Which is only weeks away.

Your credibility, your future is on the line. You need to respond. And FAST. But your IT team is slammed with software requests. Demand for business apps has gone through the roof. And, that software platform you installed 10 years ago? Well, it just flamed out. YIKES! 

Sounds like a nightmare scenario, right? But this is what can happen when you drive digital transformation with systems that can’t keep pace with expectations.

There is a better way. An approach that delivers business apps faster… with fewer resources. The foundation of this approach is a low-code app development platform. (Hint: Skeptics downplay low-code as simply a way to build limited, departmental business apps.)

But low-code platforms are more than that.

They are both hyper-responsive and enterprise-grade…The opposite of what most think when they hear low-code. We’re talking fast, secure, and scalable,…These are the fundamental attributes of a low-code platform. The secret sauce that makes low code powerful enough to build and deploy cutting-edge, business-defining apps in days or weeks…not months.

With low-code market leaders like Appian, you also get the confidence of comprehensive security certifications to ensure compliance and safeguard your data, including SOC 2, SOC 3, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP and many, many more.

Appian security features also allow you to specify how data is accessed and aggregated. For example, administrators can set user permissions —  without writing code. On top of that, access to data can also be controlled, based on function, individual user, geography, whatever criteria meets your specific security needs.

OK, now back to the fastbreak metaphor.

If your digital transformation game plan just isn’t cutting it. Switch to a new one instead.

You know the deal. As a digital transformation leader, you will constantly be tested to meet expectations….to face moments of urgency…to outmaneuver and out think the disruptors. To come out on top, you need a low-code approach…a fastbreak game plan that culminates in a jaw-dropping, posterizing, high-flying slam dunk on your digital transformation goals…BOOYAH!

Roland Alston