Government Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World

Date: Sep 24, 2020

Location: Online

As the UK slowly recovers from an unprecedented public health crisis, government departments have entered a challenging period of policy uncertainty combined with pressure to adapt to a changing working environment and greater citizen demand. This has undoubtedly thrown a spanner in the works of many transformation projects, but does it also present opportunities?
Between April and July 2020, Dods conducted research across central government in order to better understand current technology challenges, attitudes towards automation, and levels of awareness and use of Low-Code. In this webinar, we will discuss results of this research as well as significant questions that it addresses, including:
•   What are the biggest factors affecting digital transformation across government?
•   Where do most organisations' priorities lie?
•   To what extent has COVID-19 affected digital transformation efforts?

Banking Operations Innovating in a Crisis: Chris Skinner Explores Our Latest Financial Times (FT) Focus Report

Date: Sep 30, 2020

Location: Online

COVID-19 has accelerated transformation in the banking sector, but are those changes here to stay? To find out, Appian partnered with the Financial Times (FT) Focus to survey more than 250 senior executives from UK retail, commercial and investment banks on how they are managing new challenges to their banking operations.
Join us as Chris Skinner, renowned FinTech author and Appian financial services thought leaders, Mike Heffner and Guy Mettrick dive into the survey findings and talk candidly about the ways that banks are dealing with the "new normal".

BPM Live 2020: Breaking Through the Bot Wall to Automate at Scale

Date: Oct 02, 2020

Location: Online

Automating processes and workflows is a critical step to business transformation. However, automation at scale requires the right combination of capabilities and a governance framework that sets you up for success from the start. In this session, discover how bots, AI, and people come together to automate your enterprise.

You’ll learn:
•   What automation capabilities you need to automate at scale
•   Why governance is critical to every automation project
•   Why workflows are the backbone of automation

Utilities’ Accelerated Road to Recovery: Low-code Automation for Agility and Resilience

Date: Oct 06, 2020

Location: Online

On the road to the next normal, utilities continue to reinvent their business models and increase business resilience. Now more than ever, they are prioritizing digital transformation projects that innovate business processes and make them more efficient and reliable.
Automation is essential to achieve these goals. IDC’s surveys demonstrate that utilities are planning to increase investment in business automation across all core areas, from customers to asset operations, enterprise processes, workforce transformation and IT operations. Workflow automation, RPA, IPA, AI-powered case and decision management can unleash benefits at scale: efficiency, quality, worker effectiveness, performance visibility and management, service innovation, auditability and risk management.
Learn how low-code development platforms are a critical enabler for utilities to accelerate automation, making it more accessible and less expensive.