For life sciences companies, Regulatory Information Management (RIM) can feel like a massive challenge on the journey to introducing a new medication. To reduce complexity and break through these challenges, leading life sciences companies are using new processes, as well as new technologies to create tailor-made solutions, enabling global strategies in regulatory operations.

Examine fresh RIM benchmarking data by comparing 50+ pharmaceutical companies, and hear about approaches to RIM and data migration. You will learn about leveraging RIM requirements into business transformation opportunities to generate measurable, strategic business value that can be driven back into the organization by adopting a Global Business Services (GBS) approach to managing different functions. We discuss adopting pragmatic technologies to address challenging local, as well as global RIM requirements, while still providing a holistic view on the entire portfolio for medicinal products.

Topics include:

  • 2016 Benchmarking data for the state of RIM across pharma
  • Best approaches to managing RIM challenges
  • Ways to leverage RIM to create added value and transformation across the organization
  • Innovation in technology that can accelerate and enhance the delivery of a World Class RIM