As we inch closer to the year 2020, technology is further shaping the future of healthcare and how it will change the practice for both patients, and clinicians.

In this report, Gartner takes a look at the megatrends shaping healthcare provider practices, including:

  • Population Health: How technology can help personalize the healthcare journey for improved patient outcomes across the board, and disease prevention
  • Digital Marketing: What type of investments providers should put into engaging with consumers before they’re patients

Gartner, Healthcare Provider CIO Guide to the Industry’s Megatrends, 28 December 2017, Vi Shaffer, Jeff Cribbs, Mike Jones, Barb Mann, Steven Lefebure, Laura Craft, Barry Runyon, Thomas J. Handler, M.D., Mark E. Gilbert, Michael Shanler, Bryan Cole, Gregg Pessin, Brad Holmes.