According to Gartner, by 2023, more than 80% of the government’s digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet objectives. In response, government leaders have implemented innovation plans, applied performance management and cut budgets to spark transformative change.

However, most of these initiatives have failed to turn the tide on delivering sustainable improvements, and budget cuts have led to short-term cost savings at the neglect of infrastructure and system maintenance and life cycles. Government agencies require a digital platform that supports innovation, reduces costs, and delivers new capabilities with speed and agility. Is your organization ready for the future?

In this report, Gartner explores:

  • Why government organizations must address their decaying technology infrastructure today
  • How digital platforms are vital to lowering risk and achieving business transformation goals
  • How a platform approach to government can transform the way that government operates and interacts with citizens

— Gartner, A Digital Government Technology Platform Is Essential to Government Transformation. Bill Finnerty, January 23, 2018.