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Mobile App Development

For a mobile app development platform, mobile first means fast. And it can also mean powerful. But, without top-rated security and certifications? Mobile first means risk.

Appian’s mobile app development is fast. Your apps? They’re powerful. And best of all, you have the confidence it’s safe with actual security certifications…not just talk.

Build secure, powerful mobile applications quickly with the Digital Transformation Platform.

What are the benefits of mobile app development?


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Build Native Mobile Apps... Fast

With the explosion of mobile, customers and workers want more control over how they interact with your brand. Build mobile apps to meet their needs, fast. With Appian.

Low-code developer tools
With visual drag-and-drop and point-and-click design tools, your apps are built up to 20x faster than traditional development.

Centralized user interface functionality
Manage and apply style sheets and branding, with UI frameworks that ensure a consistent look and feel in no time flat.

Real-time testing
Build it and go. When testing happens as you build, your apps can be in the hands of users faster.

Build it once, and it works on any device
Appian’s patented-pending SAIL technology means you never have to design for iOS and Android separately. Design once, and your app works natively and as expected on virtually any device.

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Embrace the Power of Mobile

Great mobile app development can never be about speed alone. Mobile apps for business must have the power to meet the needs of your most critical work. Step it up. With Appian.

Create enterprise-grade mobile apps
Build and launch unique mobile apps that meet enterprise-level needs, not just departmental ones.

Tailored to your needs
Evolve ideas and mobile apps into sophisticated, powerful solutions tailored to customers, employees, and constituents.

Embed process management
With Appian, you get market-leading business process management capabilities—including process modeling, task orchestration, and dynamic business rules.

Unify apps with enterprise data
Take advantage of Appian Records in your mobile apps for immediate access to enterprise-wide data on any topic, converged in a single drillable summary.

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Be Secure in Your Security

Appian takes the security of your mobile apps more seriously. That’s why every app you build takes advantage of our investment and deep experience.

More security certifications
Ranked by Forrester as 5.0 on a five-point scale for certifications, Appian provides a more secure mobile app platform.

Meeting industry standards
Appian’s comprehensive security and compliance program means you can avoid getting bogged down by strict standards and compliance.

With third-party audits
How can you be sure the mobile app platform you use is safe? When your chosen vendor undergoes frequent third-party security audits to validate controls are operating as stated…like Appian does.

To better manage security risks
With all the steps Appian takes to secure our mobile app development platform, you can have confidence your mobile apps will never be insecure.

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More Capabilities than Meets the Eye

Since Appian is a unified platform, you get more than what you’d expect from a mobile app development platform. Check it out!

Content Management
Appian includes a content management system to organize, access, and distribute content, all in a single, easy-to-navigate repository.

Easier Integrations
With Appian’s Integration Designer, you can integrate with multiple systems right away with no coding needed.

Social Collaboration
Your secret weapon? It’s the information and business context trapped in the minds of your employees. Uncover it all with Appian’s included social collaboration capability.

Business Intelligence
Get a clearer picture of your business. Create self-optimizing processes that take advantage of past performance and trends, and pull up dynamic reporting that provides a real-time view into business operations.