Case Management

Automate collaborative work and exception handling with best-in-class capabilities.

Interactions between people, processes, and data can be dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. As a core capability of Appian’s Full-stack Automation, case management helps you unify these interactions for better, faster, smarter decisions and while keeping people in full control.

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What is Case Management?

Case management is a set of processes that can be automated or manual, used to acquire, unite, and track data to collaborate and coordinate resources to accomplish a goal. Case management connects the dots between people, process, and data. It keeps stakeholders informed and improves the experience for both customers and employees.

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Process to Decision

Process to Decision

Service Requests

Service Requests

Incident Management

Incident Management




Process to Decision

When there is a predictable, reliable process, but you need flexibility to handle the unexpected.

Examples: Routine Patient Care, Pharmacovigilance, Contract and Lifecycle Management

  • Graphical Design – Quickly visualize case logic for fast changes.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Provide visibility to enable informed change.
  • Dynamic Business Rules – Tackle complex decisions, no matter what comes your way.
  • Fast Integrations – Connect information across the enterprise with ease.

Since 2015, Aviva has been optimizing processes for operational efficiency. Aviva has increased the number of same-day claims settlements from 1% to 25%, plus a 530% jump for claims settled within three days.

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Service Requests

When you have structure, but the context is not understood at the start.

Examples: Customer Service (help desk, customer inquiries), Claims Management, Ongoing Maintenance

  • Intuitive User Interface – Ease-of-use translates to faster stakeholder buy-in.
  • Instant Access – Access data on any device, at any time—and improve performance.
  • Smart Alerts – Keep stakeholders perpetually in-the-know and in control.
  • Enterprise Mobility – Native mobility to get more done, in the office and in the field.
  • Task Management – Automated tasks ensure teams and people get work done fast.

FirstBank deployed Appian for intelligent case management to rapidly identify and resolve potential money laundering schemes. FirstBank ensures safety, achieves 100% compliance, and saves more than 1,000 work hours each year with the AML solution.

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Incident Management

When you have high-level process, but need flexibility and collaboration.

Examples: Facility Management, Emergency Response, HR Grievances, Adverse Events

  • Transparency – Increase awareness of processes and information to speed case resolution.
  • Record Tags – Add context to case collaborations for a clearer picture.
  • Document Sharing – Quickly and securely share appropriate case files.
  • Social Collaboration – Uncover all information and context to drive more effective action.
  • Social Tasks – Allow users to assign ad-hoc tasks for faster case actions.

Investigatory Contact Tracing

Respond to COVID-19 exposures rapidly. Easily track and respond to incidents with investigatory case management, in accordance with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Learn more about Appian’s Workforce Safety solution


When you have little structured process, but a well-defined business goal.

Examples: Insurance Claims, Medical Claims, Disputes and Complaints Management

  • Appian Records – Unite all case information—including data, processes, and collaborations—in a single drillable summary.
  • Fully Automated Content Management – Automate routine document management tasks with Appian RPA while Intelligent Document Processing can quickly classify and extract data from huge quantities of documents.
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting – Stay on top of key performance indicators and metrics.
  • Case Dashboards – Ease performance monitoring and sustain improvement.

Appian’s Case Management capabilities helped Health Management, a MAXIMUS company, streamline processes and improve customer experience by increasing speed and accuracy.

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Dynamic Exception Handling

Best-in-class human-in-the-loop capabilities handle robotic process automation (RPA) exceptions and ad-hoc activities fast, keeping people in full control.

  • RPA Bot Exceptions – Hand-off between bots and people with a full audit trail to improve processes over time.
  • Data Integration – Integrate with existing business systems to handle exceptions across the enterprise.
  • People in Control – Automated tasks ensure the right people and teams get work done and in control of automation.

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