Artificial Intelligence

Stand out from the crowd.

Appian makes AI easy to use with a visual, low-code approach for quick and easy implementation.

Artificial intelligence + Low-code = Intelligent success.

Low-code makes using AI simple and fast.

Powerful, yet simple.

Get results from AI immediately:

  • Use pre-trained machine learning models.
  • Use your own model.
  • Deliver predictions, inferences, and context right away.
  • Get insights and actions to improve business outcomes.

Easy, scalable.

Start simple, then scale quickly:

  • Free and pre-configured Appian AI from minute zero.
  • Includes Google Cloud Translation, Natural Language, Cloud Vision.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Low-code integration to AI services from Amazon, Microsoft Azure and more.

Business impact, now.

With low-code AI results are just a few clicks away:

  • Optimize the customer journey.
  • Streamline customer onboarding.
  • Make actionable recommendations.
  • Improve case management.

Easy Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Appian marries the best of people, processes, and AI. IDP uses AI to quickly classify and extract data from huge quantities of incoming documents; something that would take an army of workers to do. IDP enables you out-of-the-box to:

  • Apply AI to workflows via drag-and-drop interfaces to handle the bulk of document understanding.
  • Seamlessly loop-in people through process automation to reconcile AI issues as they appear.
  • Feed human interactions back to the machine learning models to improve future accuracy.

Appian AI - built with Google.

No fees. No coding. We make it easy to build AI into your apps.

Appian incorporates Google AI services out-of-the-box so you can quickly create enterprise applications. Appian AI includes:

  • Google Translate including language detection and translation
  • Google Vision including label detection and OCR
  • Google Natural Language, including entity recognition, sentiment analysis, syntax analysis, and content clasification

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AI Services with Appian

AI + intelligent automation = Actionable insight.

By itself, AI doesn't always impact business outcomes. But when you can combine AI into your existing business processes, great things can happen.

Use your business data:

  • Apply context.
  • Determine relevance.
  • Have purpose.
  • Gain knowledge.
  • Learn about your customers.

Leverage insight:

  • Raise awareness.
  • Identify opportunities.
  • Flag risks.
  • Determine patterns.

Orchestrate your processes:

  • Drive measurable impact.
  • Accelerate outcomes.
  • Communicate with your customers better and faster.
  • Get the best of people, systems and robots working together.

As a Leader in both Forrester’s DPA and low-code Forrester Waves, [Appian] is well positioned to help customers on complex process applications while also supporting the efficient automation of a broad range of processes required to drive true digital transformation.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation Software

AI can be easy. Or difficult. You choose.

Low-code AI is the difference between quick wins and slow, painful and expensive failure.

The easy way:

  • Understand processes, data, and use cases for quick wins.
  • Plan for small, fast, iterative AI wins in business operations.
  • Use readily available AI services and models first, then scale, expand, extend.
  • Measure results and impact of each iteration.

The difficult way:

  • Use AI everywhere because “AI is awesome.”
  • Reinvent the wheel by creating models and algorithms from scratch.
  • Start from zero, writing a lot of code.
  • Try to solve the most complex problems first.

AI. Low-code. Intelligent automation. Pure power.

The Appian Low-code Automation Platform makes makes it easy to build smart applications to increase customer engagement, improve worker productivity and operational efficiency.

Experience Appian for yourself.