A laptop displays a business process management application

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS)

When you want the speed of low-code…

The power of business process management…

And, the security, availability, and scalability you’d expect for cloud-based, enterprise-grade app development…

There’s only one platform for you.

This is Appian. The leading platform in low-code automation.

Learn why Gartner named Appian a Leader in low-code platforms.


A laptop shows the low-code interface

The Speed of Low-Code

In the now-now-now economy, how can your business keep up? By building powerful business apps…fast. Low-Code from Appian makes it happen.

Visual design tools
Point-and-click and drag-and-drop replace manual coding for visual design that’s more like drawing than coding.

Immediate deployment
Build that app and launch it immediately with a click. Plus, as soon as you deploy, it works as expected on virtually any device with Appian’s patent-pending SAIL technology.

Drag-and-drop integration
Integration used to be a killer. With Appian’s low-code Integration Designer, you’ll connect to enterprise systems in less time with less effort than you ever imagined.

App creation in minutes
With Appian Quick Apps, go from an idea to a working business app in minutes without a single line of code. It’s that fast!

A laptop and mobile device show a business process model and the resulting chart

The Power of BPM

Business Process Management and the automation it delivers are key to operational efficiency.  But, BPM also drives more growth, manages governance, risk, and compliance, and improves customer and employee engagement. What’s not to love?

Model processes that drive powerful apps with a low-code process modeler driven by BPMN-notation.

Create process automation that can transform your business. Eliminate reliance on old-school paper forms and speed operations.

Dynamic Business Rules embed process automation in your apps, ensuring consistency and reinforcing organizational structure.

Automated testing, predictive analytics, dynamic reporting, business activity monitoring, and more keep your processes continually optimized and your apps in tip-top shape.

Unmatched Security

It’s the reality of today’s world. You can always be more secure. Appian has more security certifications so you feel more secure. Why? Because you are.

More Security Certifications
Appian Cloud has a comprehensive security and compliance program that meets more industry standards than other aPaaS vendors.

Third-Party Security Audits
Appian undergoes frequent and regular third-party audits to validate controls are operating effectively to protect customer data.

Real-time Virus Protection
What happens if a user mistakenly uploads a virus-corrupted file to your app? With Appian, nothing. Included virus protection means your apps…and your enterprise…stay healthy.

Advanced Governance Capabilities
With advanced business activity monitoring and other governance capabilities, Appian helps you keep your business running as expected.


The Appian Cloud uptime chart showing all green

Scalable, Available, and Low-Maintenance

Appian Cloud supports some of the largest businesses, institutions, and agencies in the world. Scale as needed. Know it’s on. And always be running the latest release…with Appian Cloud.

Deep Experience in the Cloud
With proven results across mission-critical use cases, Appian’s experience means you can focus on what really matters…your enterprise.

High Availability
Appian’s high availability offering has a recovery point objective (RPO) of 1 minute and a recovery time objective (RTO) of 15 minutes, both top-of-class.

Production Deployments
Not all Cloud deployments are equal. According to Gartner, “Appian leads…in production deployments in the public cloud…”

Customer Satisfaction
Once again, Gartner sums it up nicely: “Appian customer references indicated a higher degree of satisfaction with the Appian platform, compared with other vendors surveyed.”