Bits in Glass

Location: North America

Industry: Education, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires business agility to be competitive – you need to make smart decisions and take quick action to stay ahead of the game. With the rise of digital business transformation, organizations are realizing the importance of leveraging technology to make their workflows more efficient and future proof.

Why Bits In Glass? Our award-winning and highly experienced Appian consultants understand the intricacies of business processes and how they impact your whole organization. Our dedicated Appian practice has helped enterprises identify, streamline and automate workflows, find cost-effective and innovative solutions that become transformational assets, and enable client teams to become proficient in their own journey.

Whether you’re considering what Appian can do for your business, need help with an existing project, or need to scale up quickly, find out why leading Enterprises trust BIG.

Effective. Battle-tested. Trusted.

2017 & 2018 Appian Partner of the Year | Mid-Market