Bits in Glass

Location: North America

Industry: Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom and Media, Utilities and Energy

BIG was recently awarded the 2017 Regional Mid-Market Partner of the Year award for North America.  We take great pride in this accomplishment and attribute it to the strength of our teams and commitment to Client outcomes.  BIG provides services to some of the largest and smallest Appian Customers in the US and Canada.   BIG is also an Appian Reseller partner in the US and Canada for the mid-market as well as State & Local (Provincial & Municipal) organizations.  As a “Trusted Partner Program” member, BIG provides services to both direct Clients as well as Appian Professional Service Clients.

Our Appian practitioners are committed to a single technology platform: Appian.  This single focus allows us to consistently improve how we deliver to Clients and provides us with the basis for low risk and consistent outcomes.  Our teams use a hybrid agile methodology based on both SCRUM and the Appian STAR methodology.  The experience for our Clients is a daily project touch point with weekly or bi-weekly product demonstrations.  This means that BIG Clients are always in control of the project and have continuous opportunities to review and adjust as the project processes.

Additionally, BIG has a number of Appian component assets and solution frameworks which reduce time to market.  For more information please contact us at: .

For a low-risk option with exceptional ROI on your next Appian project consider BIG!