Robotic Workforce Manager

Appian Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) aligns your robotic and human workforce, enabling enterprises to scale the robotic workforce, accelerate exception handling with human hand-offs, and improve SLAs and overall process performance.

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Automated end-to-end news publication using Appian, RPA and Natural Language Generation. Auto-published over 150,000 stories in 3 weeks.

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Combined data from 22 different systems into a single view revolutionizing their operations, increasing customer response time by 9x and reducing cost by 40%.

Put your modern workforce in high gear.

You are in the driver’s seat. Always. Everywhere. Mobile or web.

Business Executives

  • Real-time dashboard giving visibility into robotic workforce operations.
  • ROI and value analysis by process and departments.
  • Greater business impact through end-to-end automation.

Line of Business Users

  • Automate human-in-the-loop activities.
  • Greater self-service. Start and schedule robotic processes on-demand.
  • End-to-end process visibility across people and robots.

Automation COE Leaders

  • Manage, govern and control RPA deployments.
  • Automation lifecycle management across the enterprise.
  • Global exception and case manager.

Control Center

Data-driven insights about digital workforce operations, and greater self-service for business users.

  • Unite people with RPA tasks for greater automation.
  • Start and schedule bots and workflows and receive alerts when failures occur.
  • Centrally manage exceptions from web or mobile.
  • Monitor all bots and automated process with real time analytics and dashboards.
  • Improve process SLAs by assigning tasks to the right person, at the right time.

Control Center

Automation Planner

Automation Planner

A central location to manage all task and process automation activities.

  • Govern Appian RPA bots, workflows, and third-party RPA.
  • Collect and prioritize automation requests from across the enterprise.
  • Manage and track all automation activities from request to completion.
  • Conduct impact and value analysis for RPA and workflows.
  • Use the AI Recommendation Engine to enhance enterprise automations.

RWM Maximizes the Impact of Your RPA Investments


“Using Appian and Blue Prism together gives us greater power in automating complex processes. Combining the two products extends the reach of our automation initiatives and enables centralized management of the entire workforce.”