DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition 2019

Learn how Appian helps Utilities and Renewables organizations innovate to achieve their digital potential at DistribuTECH 2019.

Gartner Report: Why IT Operating Models Are Under Strain and How Oil and Gas CIOs Should Respond

See how the rapid growth of “digital ambitions” is changing the way oil and gas companies operate and the capabilities needed to deploy digitalization at enterprise scale.

$22 Million in Netback New Revenue for Global Energy Company

Discover how digital transformation resulted in reduced cycle times and faster time to revenue for a global Oil & Gas producer.

GRDF Transforms Operational Efficiency

Learn how GRDF is using Appian to support the largest natural gas distribution network in Europe, executing over a million processes by year.

Digital Transformation Across the Energy & Utilities Value Chain

From upstream production to refining to energy services, take advantage of a proven digital application platform to scale up innovation. Streamline integrated operations, drive asset performance improvements, and achieve customer management efficiencies.

  • operational excellence oil and gas
    Drive efficiency for your most complex and critical operations processes, leading to unmatched productivity and cost savings.
  • customer service energy industry graphic
    Improve response time for incident management, service requests, and supplier relations to increase satisfaction.
  • man in suit with phone generating revenue
    From market strategy to project planning and execution, deliver unprecedented growth.
  • promoting safety - digital tools oil and gas
    Achieve transparency and improve internal monitoring to optimize safety and compliance.
  • corporate buildings image
    Streamline organizational processes and improve the efficiency across business and corporate functions.

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