LiUNA is replacing over forty legacy systems that were used to manage the flow of union membership data throughout their International organization, creating an Appian Record for each and every member of their union to detail their complete experience. See how we celebrated the successful project go-live!


Leading insurance provider Aegon embraces its 175-year history and new technology to help more than 29 million customers achieve financial security. Watch Aegon unveil its latest digital insurance application. It is built with Appian's BPM and Case Management capabilities on a low-code platform, and is designed to improve the customer experience across life, pension, loan services, and more.

Banco Santander

Banco Santander is a global commercial bank and financial services based in Spain with operations across Europe, North and South America, as well as Asia. Santander's Global Compliance Group celebrated the go-live of its Appian project to improve the productivity of compliance operations by replacing slow, manual processes with intelligent automation. Using Appian's low-code platform and agile methodology, the team delivered 10 Appian applications across 28 business units within a few months of project kick-off.

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group, a world leader in cable systems for energy and telecommunications with 112 factories worldwide, has adopted Appian to automate and integrate business processes that span across multiple lines of business. With their first application, they've been able to establish a single data source linking business results to Operations and HR performances.


Whenever a new customer launches a new application built on Appian's low-code platform, we celebrate with a go-live party and a unique Lego sculpture. Check out the SIX Go-Live celebration in Switzerland! SIX provides financial services and operates the infrastructure of Switzerland’s financial center for its users across 125 banks. The new solution, Unified Workflow Solution” (UWS), standardizes, streamlines, and automates processes to help SIX increase transparency on transactions and minimize operational risks at the same time.

Customer Go-Lives

We love to celebrate our customers’ successful project deliveries. To commemorate the partnership, we present our customers with a custom Lego sculpture created by a Master Builder.