Proactively manage the health and safety of your employees.

Available at no cost for Appian customers and any organization over 1000 employees.


The HIPAA-compliant, COVID-19 Response Management application.

The COVID-19 Response Management application is the central command center for large organizations to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, facilities, and to facilitate peer-to-peer employee assistance. The application helps accelerate your response in this time of global crisis.

The application, hosted on the Appian HIPAA-compliant cloud, helps protect sensitive employee health data. It is mobile-native with push notifications out-of-the-box.

Fast Company

“With more data, an organization will be better equipped to see patterns among its staff, which could help it stop the virus from spreading within its facilities.”

– Fast Company

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Accelerate your response and engage your employees.

Collect critical data related to COVID-19 to keep your employees, partners, and communities healthy and safe.

Command Center

View the central command center to track the health status, location, travel history, and any COVID-19 employee incident details. Review data by geography, departments, growth rates, and more. Post company health-related policies and share links to useful sites.


A simple, intuitive app for employees to report their work status, COVID-19 related exposures, and review COVID-19 company policies and news. Easily accessible on the web or on any mobile device.


Strengthen your workforce community in this time of need with employee peer-to-peer support. Easily match employee volunteers with coworkers in need of assistance — delivering groceries, offering a ride, or helping with children home.

Get fully operational in just two hours.

Sadly, COVID-19 has proven to spread incredibly fast. You need to have an application that accelerates your response at the pace of reality, not business as usual. The COVID-19 Response Management application is built for just that. You can be up and running – deploy, configure, and launch – this enterprise-grade application in hours.

We’re here to help.

We built the COVID-19 Response Management application in just days because it’s what we do for a living. We’re world-leading experts at low-code automation and case management. However, we’re offering an enterprise application for free for six months because it’s the right thing to do.

We also want to ensure that you can move fast in hopes of helping to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to your workforce. That’s why we’re also offering access to our live Technical Support team at no charge. And to ensure you get support when you need it, we’re following the sun. Technical Support teams across our global offices are on standby to help.

University of South Florida

“Centralizing accurate information about our people, where they are, and what they might need, and reaching our whole community is key to coordinating our organization during crises. During the hurricane season of 2018, Appian helped us build and deploy an application for tracking our 50,000-student community in just one day. We use it to ensure the safety of our students and faculty during all crises.”

– Sidney Fernandes, CIO, University of South Florida

Frequently asked questions.

Is it really entirely free without any commitment?
Yes. The Appian COVID-19 Response Management application is provided at no-cost for any private or public organization of 1000 employees or more. Appian customers also get no-cost access. The offer includes unlimited users and unlimited usage of the application for six months. There are no associated startup costs, hidden fees, etc.
What if my organization is smaller than 1000 employees?
Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the capacity to support every organization, and we’ve had to make a difficult decision. We’re focusing our efforts on large organizations where the application can make the greatest impact. Thank you for understanding.
Will my data be securely stored?
Absolutely. Appian will store your data on a HIPAA-compliant cloud to ensure that any potentially sensitive data is protected. Appian will not have access to your data. During the signup process you select in which region your data is stored: United States (Ohio), APAC (Sydney), or Europe (Frankfurt).
Can I load and manage my users into the system?
Yes. You can load your users manually, via a spreadsheet, or with LDAP Authentication for large deployments. LDAP enables you to quickly configure Appian to authenticate your employees in a scalable manner against an external directory server, like Microsoft Active Directory. Once your users are loaded into the application you then have the ability to define roles.

Get your COVID-19 response infrastructure in place today.