Why Appian

At Appian, we believe companies need a simpler way to create powerful software. That’s why we pioneered the low-code market, and it’s why we’re committed to continuous innovation. We do it by staying focused on our core principles:


Every aspect of Appian is architected for simplicity – from our intuitive end user experience, to our productive low-code design environment, to our fully managed cloud.

Appian can be learned in days and mastered in weeks. Appian requires far less full-time employee (FTE) support than other vendors, with Appian Cloud eliminating maintenance and upgrade support entirely.

All of this leads to lower total cost of ownership for Appian applications than for competing approaches. By keeping it simple, you get to market fast with game-changing business applications that generate high user adoption across the enterprise.

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Appian Guarantee

first app developed

in 8 weeks

become a developer

in 2 weeks

Extreme Speed

You need results today. And more results tomorrow.

We pioneered enterprise low-code development so you can deliver transformational business applications in a fraction of the time it used to take. Up to 20x faster — because in Appian you don’t code your application. You draw it, like a flow chart.

That makes building new applications intuitive to business people, so aligning business and IT has never been easier. Which makes delivering a winning application in Appian faster than other approaches.

Our focus on combining extreme speed with unmatched simplicity is what allows us to offer something unique in the industry: the Appian Guarantee. It’s our commitment to you that your first project will be delivered within 8 weeks for a low flat-fee. Period.

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Unified Data

We believe that where your data resides should be your decision, not ours.

Centralized data architectures are not only obsolete; they make meaningful business transformation and sustainable IT agility impossible.

You and your employees need the full picture. Whatever the topic, wherever the data lives, you should have a 360-degree view, in real-time, that’s one click away from action.

That’s Appian Records — a single, actionable view of all data relevant to a topic (i.e., Customer, Product, Case, etc.). You don’t have to move any of your data, and you don’t have to choose between real-time information and performance. Our patent-pending parallel processing technology makes it possible by speeding up query performance and throughput.

Smarter Automation

We believe that closely coordinating the activities of people, artificial intelligence (AI), and software robots can transform your business and unlock exceptional value for your customers.

Appian orchestrates the modern workforce of people, systems, and robots. We provide native AI services and no-code integration to the best available AI services from platforms such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. We empower your workers with industry-leading RPA. We connect and unify your enterprise systems and data.

We call it intelligent automation. It’s good for your business because AI and machine learning (ML) drive better business decisions, and robotic process automation (RPA) reduces cost and error in repetitive tasks. It’s good for your customers because they get better, faster, more seamless service across channels. It’s good for your employees because they can focus their time on customer interaction and creative problem-solving.

With Appian, you’re not just building applications faster than ever before. You’re building smarter applications to optimize your business.

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Multi-experience for Free

We live in a multi-channel world. A business must connect with its customers (and increasingly, even its employees) on their terms. Anytime, anywhere, and seamlessly across mobile, web, chat, voice, email, and anything else that comes along.

We believe in the power of multi-experience communication. We just don’t believe you should pay a higher price for it.

The needless complexities and costs of building separately across the spectrum of platforms is a hold-over from a fading era. With Appian, you build an application once, and it simply runs everywhere — perfectly — with no extra work or cost.

Built for the Future

Business doesn’t stay the same; it’s always changing. New market opportunities and new competitive threats are always just around the corner. You have to be able to move fast. This means your apps need to change fast.

The reality is most IT departments are overwhelmed maintaining hundreds of siloed applications, many of them legacy, across the enterprise. Simply “keeping the lights on” is a burden that drains resources and prevents innovation.

With a common data scheme and UX patterns, and simultaneous upgrades, Appian is unique in providing built-in safeguards to bust app silos and eliminate the burden of application maintenance.

In short, Appian ensures that low-code development delivers a comprehensive strategy for organizing future app development on a sustainable basis.

Cloud Peace of Mind

Every vendor claims they have a great cloud — secure, scalable, reliable. That simply isn’t so. Is recovery time measured in minutes, hours…or days? Is there a SLA? Does it pass a third-party security assessment? Are upgrades easy — and do they come at no added cost?

Appian Cloud is always enterprise-grade because we believe your peace of mind is non-negotiable.

  • High availability includes a 1-minute recovery point objective (RPO) and 15-minute recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Meets more industry standards than other aPaaS vendors
  • A+ in security configuration from Qualys SSL Labs
  • Automatically upgrades so you can take advantage of new product features with no added cost or complexity
  • Public disclosure cloud certifications and SLAs via trust.appian.com
  • Move between public clouds, self-managed environments, or hybrid configurations

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revenue increase of

$14.8 million


faster development lifecycles

Your Success

Appian’s strength comes from its people. Every Appian employee is committed to delivering exceptional value and exceptional customer experiences from your first interaction through implementation and support.

According to an independent study conducted by IDC, Appian customers see real impact:

  • Revenue increase of $14.8 million per year
  • Investment payback in 7 months and 509% ROI over 5 years
  • 44% higher developer productivity, resulting in almost 4X more applications delivered per year, 72% faster delivery of new features, and 42% higher user adoption of those features
  • 123% higher business productivity

Don’t take it from us — here’s what our customers have to say for themselves.

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