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The low code revolution

June 25, 2019   |   Federal News Network

Winston Churchill once said that Americans always do the right thing, after they have tried everything else. This has applied to software development. For decades people have labored with gathering the details of program requirements only to fail because of a slow-moving system. This was called the waterfall method. Up until now, developing software for large organizations has been a futile aspiration. But Appian is changing that.

How a struggling airline went soaring through the cloud

June 18, 2019   |   BBC News

Air Malta managed to turn its business around after two decades of losses and soar with the big boys and girls in the airline industry. But how?

How the public sector can navigate low code implementation

June 12, 2019   |   Bankless Times

While the public sector is not typically seen as a leader in innovation, adopting low code technology can help them deliver quick efficiencies in their sector, attendees at Appian World 2019 recently heard.

Marc Wilson: "Be part of the process"

June 05, 2019   |   SIA Partners

Marc Wilson is a founder of Appian and is responsible for the company's Strategic Partnerships around the world. He also oversees Appian's Industry Leadership team comprised of numerous subject matter experts from a variety of key industries.

No more cut and paste - how KPMG is using Appian to get letters worth millions just right

June 04, 2019   |   Diginomica

Everyone knows the old pro forma document, but when the contents are the livelihood of a business and can be worth millions individually, cut and paste approaches just do not hack it.

Appian World 2019 highlights digital process automation growth

June 03, 2019   |   Bankless Times

I recently had the opportunity to attend Appian World 2019 in San Diego, where I got to see how one of the most innovative companies in the space is impacting intelligent business process management systems, dynamic case management, digital process automation and low-code development.