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Artificial intelligence progress gets gummed up in silos and cultural issues

March 14, 2019   |   ZDNet

Silos have always been considered a bad thing for enterprise IT environments, and today's push for artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies is no exception.

The Monday Stack: Low-code, High Power

March 11, 2019   |   DMN

Low-code leader Appian sees opportunities in the CX space.

Low-Code Appian Update Addresses Enterprise Mobility

March 11, 2019   |   ADT Mag

Appian last week updated its low-code app development platform, with enterprise mobility one of the key areas of focus.

The Appian Way Is A Road From Low-Code To No-Code Software

March 07, 2019   |   Forbes

Appian claims to have engineered low-code/no-code platform capabilities in its latest platform release to allow organizations to build powerful enterprise applications up to 20x faster.

Appian unveils latest version of the Appian Platform

March 05, 2019   |   Digitalisation World

Appian has introduced the next release of its low-code platform, making it easier than ever to build powerful enterprise applications up to 20x faster. The new version accelerates development and expands low-code/no-code platform capabilities in a number of key areas, including integration, robotic process automation (RPA), interface design, enterprise mobility, and customer engagement.

Q&A with Appian’s Matt Calkins

February 07, 2019   |   NVTC Magazine

Appian Founder and CEO Matt Calkins discusses what excites him about the technology industry, Appian's philosophy for retaining top talent, and why he chose to build his company in Virginia.