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Is Low Code the Future for Enterprise Automation?

January 11, 2021   |   The Automated Podcast

Malcolm Ross discusses low code, enterprise software, and automation in general, a technology that has gotten significantly more important over the pandemic crisis.

Why ‘just keep swimming’ became the 2020 mantra for this CHRO

January 06, 2021   |   Human Resource Executive

Appian Corp. CHRO Dawn Mitchell says HR’s resilience through this year’s obstacles has been impressive.

IT Modernization requires BPM and low-code automation for lasting success

January 05, 2021   |   Federal News Network

If we have learned anything from 2020, we have seen that federal systems need to be updated to handle the new demands of remote access, shared documents and process automation.

Automation Will Scale New Heights In 2021

January 01, 2021   |   RPA Today

Most of us were ready to say goodbye to 2020 months ago. The calendar remained stubborn, but the time has finally come, and we are looking ahead to a new year with hope.

Around the industry... predictions for 2021

December 29, 2020   |   SD Times

The death and rebirth of BPM has occurred countless times over the past two decades. COVID-19 proved that fast and powerful process automation is crucial to keep people and enterprise data connected — no matter the circumstances.

Will 2021 be the year that AI takes over FinTech?

December 28, 2020   |   IBS Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or applied intelligence? Either way, take-up is set to increase rapidly in 2021 with, for example, AI-powered fraud detection coming down in cost and becoming more readily available. Guy Mettrick of Appian discussed the outlook for AI, operational resilience and low-code solutions with Robin Amlot of IBS Intelligence.