The Case Management Guide

What is Case Management? How do I know it can address my challenges? Where do I start? Get the answers to these questions, and more, with the Case Management Guide!

Case Management Basics

What is Case Management?

About Dynamic Case Management Software

Operational excellence is no longer focused on standardization and efficiency above all. Today, it’s as much about the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Without modern case management software, your enterprise could deliver a poor customer experience, experience lower employee morale, sacrifice revenue, and more.

Avoid the pain with Appian dynamic case management software. With Appian, build unified case management apps. Converge data from across your organization and align it with core business processes.

Appian addresses the full spectrum of use cases: investigate new cases, issue and fulfill service requests, provide incident management, and offer process-to-decision practices.

“…[Appian] gives us a modern mobile and social platform for Dynamic Case Management that drives business performance by turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.”

Stephan Blasilli, Corporate Development Manager, EDPR North America

Appian’s Dynamic Case Management Software offers powerful capabilities that promote success:

  • Adaptability: Take advantage of caseworkers’ experience, customer history, evolving situations and more; have the ability to always adapt to rapidly changing landscapes.
  • Ad-hoc Activities: Define, create, and complete work items in the context of the case, with no need for a predefined sequence of events.
  • Analytics: Track process performance and report results quickly. Identify bottlenecks to optimize business process efficiency flow and speed case closures.
  • BPM: Ensure rules and policies are followed when important decisions are made. Stay organized and efficient within case management frameworks.
  • Case History: Access all case management content and collaboration history through audit trails to deliver the most complete and informed case solutions.
  • Collaboration: Exchange opinions, gain insight, and quickly reach conclusions as a group. Never lose the business context in any case with easy collaboration capabilities.
  • Data: Converge data from multiple sources and access it right when it’s needed on demand. Gain access to all aspects of a case, discover context, and make the most informed business decisions.
  • Design tools: Design simple, business-friendly interfaces that provide personalized content to complete work faster.
  • Enterprise mobility: Take apps anywhere with the built-in mobility feature. Remain actively involved in case activities whenever and wherever you happen to be.
  • Real-Time Events: Monitor case activities to provide speedy feedback and results. Directly control all parts of the system.
  • Records: Unify all data from across your organization into a single, drill-able summary…then take action on it without leaving that page.

Case management doesn’t have to be stressful. When dealing with ad-hoc activities it’s difficult to remain efficient and organized. Appian’s dynamic case management software gives you the freedom to stay flexible while providing the structure to achieve success. Make dynamic case management a breeze with Appian.