February 26, 2007

Appian Experiences Strong Market Demand for Industry’s First Comprehensive On Demand BPM Solution; Dozens of Partners Support Appian Anywhere

Advent Global Solutions, JK Group, Rummler-Brache Group, Score and Talisen Technologies to Deliver Appian Anywhere to Marquee Customers Worldwide GARTNER Business Process Management Summit, San Diego, Calif., February 26, 2007 – Appian, the leading provider of Business Process Management Suites (BPMS), today announced that it has added more than 25 strategic reseller and consulting relationships, creating a comprehensive partner network for its paradigm-breaking Appian Anywhere On-Demand solution. Appian Anywhere is changing the way BPM is implemented and managed and these industry leaders are recognizing the solution’s ability to increase their customers’ return on investment. Appian is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships within the industry and offers its partners the resources to provide BPM process discovery, design, implementation, optimization and training services. Appian Anywhere is creating a huge market opportunity for value-add partners, providing enabling technologies for them to succeed and is changing the way on-demand composite applications are created and delivered.”Appian’s hosted solution helps to eliminate risk and provides a reliable BPM environment in a timely, secure manner while keeping the costs of implementation transparent and predictable to match the speed of dynamic business activities,” said Girish Ogirala, Practice Director, Advent Global Solutions. “Appian’s BPM Hosting Services combine the best of its offerings along with a state-of-the-art hosting and performance to meet the need of complex business processes.”

“The availability of Appian Anywhere is good news — not only for the SMB category — but also for Talisen clients and other large organizations who are more interested in using best-in-class technology to achieve business outcomes rather than owning and managing more software. Transaction-based pricing will help more organizations demonstrate a faster ROI,” commented Terry Jost, CEO, Talisen Technologies.

“The JK Group plans to launch a comprehensive on-demand requirements tool to help our clients maximize their usage of BPMS solutions,” said Jason Klemow, Partner, The JK Group, Inc. “Since our services are process-intensive, Appian Anywhere is particularly well-suited and will significantly reduce our time-to-market. Appian is broadening the platform of BPMS capabilities and with Appian Anywhere we foresee many opportunities for ourselves and our clients.”

With Appian Anywhere, organizations and individuals with specific domain knowledge in vertical markets will now be able to create and maintain enterprise-level application products with far less IT hardware and expertise than they ever imagined possible. Since Appian Anywhere transcends organizational and geographic boundaries, application developers can access the system from anywhere and provide their solutions in multiple languages all maintained in a single copy of the application.

“I’ve just reviewed the new Appian Anywhere product, representing the Appian Enterprise solution running on a SaaS platform,” said Stephen G. Smith, Managing Director of Rummler-Brache Group. “It’s a great product. I can see how organizations seeking to dramatically harness the power of Business Process Management, without significant investment or up-front costs, will appreciate its fast ROI. I firmly believe our clients will benefit from Appian Anywhere.”

“Appian Anywhere provides a great opportunity to leverage proven BPM-functionality together with an innovative on-demand business-model,” said Marcel Weber, Managing Partner of Score, Supply Chain Architecture AG, an Appian partner located in Switzerland. “This will be a very attractive offering, particularly for small and mid-sized companies. Score is already looking to leverage the capabilities of Appian Anywhere within our key areas of expertise, which include quality-management, project-management and supply chain management.”

Appian Anywhere is the first complete On-Demand BPM solution and goes beyond simply offering online modeling. The entire BPM Suite is available with no downloads required for modeling or running automated processes. Appian Anywhere offers partners a competitive advantage by providing a comprehensive platform for the design, execution and optimization of business processes entirely over the web.

“By delivering our leading BPMS in a SaaS model, Appian provides users with the ability to streamline processes and increase operational efficiencies, while reducing overhead costs and simplifying implementation and management demands,” said George M. Barlow, VP & General Manager, Appian Anywhere. “The strong response Appian has received from the industry and our partners is evidence of the pent up demand for a complete On-Demand BPM offering, which is something that no one else is delivering.”

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