March 7, 2006

Appian Announces Availability of the Industry’s Most Advanced Business Process Management Suite

Appian Enterprise 5 Delivers the Only Comprehensive Business Process Management Suite, Bringing Process to People and Enabling Development of Next-Generation Composite Process Applications

Vienna, VA., March 7, 2006 Appian, the leading provider of human-centric business process management suites (BPMS), today unveiled Appian Enterprise 5, providing organizations with the industry’s most sophisticated platform for rapidly developing and deploying next-generation composite process applications. The latest evolution of Appian’s award-winning BPM suite, Appian Enterprise 5 is the industry’s only enterprise-class BPM solution to combine best-of-breed process management with broad collaboration and strong analytics functionality, effectively bringing process to people. According to Gartner’s Position on Business Process Management 2006 report, “By 2009, 20 percent of business processes of Global 2000 companies will be supported on BPMSs (0.7 probability). These processes will predominately involve a considerable amount of human work that differentiates the company from its competitors and that is poorly supported by established IT systems.”Appian Enterprise 5 is the industry’s the most advanced people-centric BPM suite featuring technology enhancements that bring process to people, including unique integration to Microsoft Outlook, an enhanced, third-generation AJAX-based user interface, fully integrated document management and collaboration capabilities, powerful Analytics Everywhere functionality, and full internationalization.”This innovative product has the widest breadth of functionality among the suites we evaluated, by design,” said Connie Moore, author of The Forrester Wave: Human-Centric Business Process Management Suites, Q1 2006, Forrester Research Inc. February 24, 2006. “Appian endeavors to provide all the tools necessary to support all types of people-intensive processes. It delivers diverse features, including DM, team collaboration, and a rich, Web-based user environment.”

“Appian pioneered the BPM suite market with the launch of Appian Enterprise 4 and we have experienced significant growth and industry recognition based on this solid platform,” said Matthew Calkins, CEO of Appian Corporation. “Appian Enterprise 5 delivers the same core process, knowledge, and analytics capabilities while delivering innovative new features that empower users to engage in collaborative, process-driven work and facilitates integration and interaction with third-party systems.”

Appian Enterprise 5 introduces radically enhanced process modeling capabilities with the industry’s first completely BPMN-compliant, third-generation AJAX process modeler, fully supporting the industry’s “common language” for process design. Featuring the most pervasive and advanced use of AJAX in any enterprise application to date, Appian delivers a dynamic, fully featured process design tool that enables users to work in a web browser with no Java plug-ins or ActiveX controls.

Appian Enterprise 5 continues to deliver industry-leading support for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services orchestration. With an advanced events-driven architecture, Appian Enterprise 5 simplifies the modeling and execution of cross-functional processes and accelerates the development of process-centric business applications that can respond dynamically to external business events.

Appian Enterprise 5 BPM suite features more than 1,500 functional enhancements, including:

  • Analytics Everywhere. Appian Enterprise 5 delivers new business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities that put the power of analytics into the hands of process participants. Now, relevant analytical information is provided directly to people as they work, giving decision-makers the ability to make optimum in-process decisions.
  • Best-in-Class Microsoft Outlook Integration. Appian Enterprise 5 is completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook, supporting the common platform where business users do their day-to-day work. In addition, the full capability of Appian Enterprise’s Analytics Everywhere functionality is available through this Outlook interface.
  • Enhanced Support for BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation). Appian Enterprise 5 execution engine provides the market’s most comprehensive support for the BPMN specification. The BPMN specification provides organizations a common graphical way of defining and understanding their internal and external business procedures. This helps organizations communicate these procedures in a standard manner as they move from mere documentation to full-scale round-trip engineering and continuous process improvement.
  • Events-Driven Architecture. Appian Enterprise 5 supports the orchestration of a Service-Oriented Architecture with an advanced events architecture, which enables, among other things, activity handling and allows users to configure exception flows within activities. This new architecture is also fully BPMN-compliant.
  • Internationalization. Appian Enterprise 5 is fully Unicode compliant. Appian is the first BPM vendor to provide full language and internationalization capabilities through a web-based AJAX interface. This is necessary in order to support complex processes at the enterprise level that span geographical and cultural boundaries.
  • Sophisticated AJAX-based process modeler. Appian Enterprise 5 is 100% web-based, featuring the industry’s only AJAX-based process modeler. Requiring no Java applets or ActiveX, Appian Enterprise 5 offers the only truly thin process modeling environment, significantly reducing the cost of distributing process design, execution and optimization capabilities throughout the extended enterprise.
  • Highest Performance BPMS. Appian Enterprise 5 fully supports load balancing and fail-over while core enhancements to the process engine enable it to beat previous industry-leading benchmarks for performance and scalability set by Appian Enterprise 4.1.
  • New Integration Enhancements. Appian Enterprise 5 is now available with an integrated Java Messaging System (JMS) middleware infrastructure. With improved support for Web services, Appian Enterprise 5 enables users to publish and consume processes as Web services and use them with events to trigger new processes or change the flow of running processes in response to external activities.

Appian Enterprise 5 is currently shipping and immediately available. For more information, please contact

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