Automate Your Organization Faster

Appian makes it easier to build new applications, extend legacy systems, and automate any enterprise process to drive rapid business value.

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Automate faster than ever.

Low-code RPA lets you record workflows and build bots fast, and integrate them within end-to-end processes to automate at scale.

  • Automate fast by recording repetitive tasks and turning them into bots.
  • Create bots that interact with websites and cloud services in low-code.
  • Confidently deploy bots for federal use cases with FedRamp certification.

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Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent Document Processing

Eliminate manual document processing.

Appian Intelligent Document Processing now allows you to choose native document AI extraction for sensitive documents.

  • Easily extract data from digital PDFs without sending data to 3rd party cloud services.
  • Pull more information with fillable forms and built-in capabilities.

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Better data. Faster results.

Integrate, unify, and act on disparate data sources and rapidly build apps, faster and easier than before.

  • Quickly pull data from any web services without coding.
  • Improve app performance with secure caching capabilities.
  • Create charts, interactive interfaces, and reports for unified data views with a few clicks.

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Records and Integration