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The pace of change in financial markets has accelerated with disruptive technologies, changing regulations, and new business models. No segment has experienced this rapid evolution more than payments, with a constant influx of new providers, new platforms, and new payment tools.

How can you keep up with this pace while focusing on providing exceptional customer experience, creating new products, and improving regulatory compliance?

Schedule a meeting with an Appian Executive to explore proven strategies to transform your business in the face of digital disruption. Appian’s low-code platform can help you innovate with speed, while you continue to build on your core competencies and legacy strengths.

EBADay 2018 will be an opportunity for Financial Institutions to discuss strategic digital choices and relevant technology to thrive in the future, including applying digitisation to:

  • Deliver simple, frictionless experiences
  • Consistently stay compliant
  • Launch new customer-centric digital products and services