Leveraging a digital transformation platform and best practices to improve your probability of success

The new hype around digital transformation is a bit odd. Haven’t we been in such a transformation for a few decades already? So what has changed, or what is changing today in Pharma that requires companies to pay attention, adjust and evolve?

What is changing is the velocity of business and the pace of disruptions.

Most companies, large or small, already employ and leverage a forest of various digital tools to run their business and drive innovation, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Whether it is via large database solutions developed and implemented on Oracle, or enterprise resource planning in SAP, or a global Customer Relationship Management system, all of these provide solid capabilities to run our business.

Pharma companies can no longer expect to deal with disruptions using existing deployment of digital systems. We must look to additional, innovative technologies that can help close this gap. Technology that will afford a new digital transformation to innovate product lifecycle management and provide large companies the ability to become nimble and agile to compete in a continuously changing environment.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Explore new approaches to dealing with disruptions by leveraging a cloud based Digital Transformation Platform
  • Learn how to connect people, process and data across your organization
  • Discover the power and potential of mobile