Over the past few years, the key value driver of digital channels and the corresponding customer enablement has been to make tasks easier and more accessible to the end user. But now there’s no discernible difference in loyalty for banks that make things easier. In fact, digital customers are equally as satisfied with their financial institutions as those customers who are inclined to use non-digital channels.

Customer loyalty is now determined more by the financial institutions’ ability to assist customers, rather than their ability to let customers help themselves. From this, we see a greater focus on the capabilities and information provided to front-line staff. The branch evolution is less about floor plan and more about the skills and information provided to employees that can help customers with their financial steps. But as the legacy systems remain, the challenge many decision makers have is figuring out where to start their transformation.

Watch this informative webinar, where we will discuss:

  • Consumer survey data on loyalty drivers and servicing needs
  • Keys to employee enablement at the point of customer interaction
  • Opportunities to tie unmet product needs based on service success
  • Use cases where financial institutions have overcome stall points and instituted rapid change