Intelligent Automation (IA) rocketed to prominence on the back of simple RPA task automation use cases. But enterprises now find they must take a more strategic view of automation. This combines task automation with intelligent components such as conversational intelligence, NLP for document use cases and takes advantage of continuous improvement and orchestration support from Digital Process Automation (DPA). The portfolio of IA assets combined with a strategic view of automation will drive the future of work and digital transformation. In this webinar, guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Craig Le Clair and Appian Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Manish Rai, explains best practices for leveraging emerging IA platforms.

Listen to this discussion to learn:

  • Where IA platforms fit in today’s automation roadmap
  • How IA can build greater business resilience, lower operating costs, support work from home, remote business, and other pandemic-driven disruptions
  • What a strategic approach to automation looks like at leading organizations
  • How to decide what automation capabilities are right for your process