Regulatory Information Management is central to a healthy and vibrant pharmaceutical business. Pursuing world class RIM is challenging and requires careful on-going planning, coordination, and re-evaluation of new approaches plus available and emerging information technologies and related solutions. In this webinar, Regulatory subject matter experts and industry leaders will discuss their approaches to current and future trends, and what is in store for RIM.

Featured topics:

  • What does a World Class RIM look like
  • Establish today’s baseline based on extensive survey data
  • Where are people looking to change and invest in the next three years – where is industry headed?
  • How should RIM effectiveness be measured?
  • Case #1 – a World Class multinational pharmaceutical company designing their Regulatory Road Map
  • Case #2 – a World Class multinational pharmaceutical company pursuing a global view of its regulatory portfolio

At the conclusion of this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of  World Class RIM
  • Get familiar with the RIM environment across Life Sciences today
  • Know how to measure achievement of a World Class RIM
  • Build an understanding of the approaches of several of your peers