Watch how Punch Taverns, a leading leased pub companies with a portfolio of more than 4,000 properties in the United Kingdom, has transformed their business using Appian. Punch Taverns is using Appian to manage more than 400 investment projects per year across thousands of leased properties, providing quality recruitment, retention and support for its partners.

Each project typically requires 100 pages of information that used to be collected manually through paper forms and emails. Now with Appian, everything is processed electronically, available and secured in the cloud, and readily accessible from any computer or mobile device for its employees in the head office and in the field.

Using Appian’s Enterprise Application Platform, Punch Taverns is able to build Business Process Management (BPM) applications that orchestrate key processes and bring together information from across various systems for a seamless end user experience. Additional benefits are reduced admin time, facilitated collaboration between employees, improved project visibility and accountability. Having consistent business processes and rules also provided better operations and customer service.