Over the past decade, the Greek national debt crisis has caused tremendous turbulence for the country’s financial services institutions. During that period Piraeus Bank has made a series of strategic acquisitions and mergers aiming to establish a strong presence in the domestic market, enhancing a track record of more than 20 M&As in last 20 years and assuming a leadership role in Greece’s economic recovery.

To help lead the country back to financial strength, Piraeus Bank must combine strict operational efficiency with a focus on innovation. As a result of the spate of acquisitions, the organization’s underlying IT infrastructure was too siloed and rigid to support either of those two goals.

Download this case study to learn how Piraeus Bank has used the Appian Platform to unify critical business functions on a centralized platform to:

  • Provide structure and transparency to manage business processes for continuous optimization
  • Support collaboration and flexibility to accelerate business and innovate how work gets done
  • Leverage existing IT assets, and the data they contain, to avoid costly “rip-and-replace” measures