What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

A recent Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Survey by KPMG noted that effective due diligence on foreign agents/third parties is one of the most challenging anti-bribery and corruption issues faced by global companies today.

Failure to adequately scrutinize clients, vendors, agents and business partners could expose organizations to reputational damage, operational risk and even criminal liability. Ignorance is no defense – what you don’t know about your business partners can hurt you.

Appian’s process-driven application platform is a powerful, flexible solution capable of addressing a variety of complex governance, risk and compliance initiatives, including management of third party risk.

In this webinar, Appian and partner KPMG discuss: 

  • How the Appian application platform is ideally suited to support a wide variety of governance, risk, and compliance initiatives.
  • Approaches for identifying the appropriate level of due diligence for business partners, based upon such factors as jurisdictional risk, the nature of the industry and the service provided, the importance of the relationship, and more.
  • The primary components of a Third Party Diligence program, and how to manage it, report on it, and embed it into an overall compliance program.
  • KPMG’s new Third Party Diligence application, which was developed on the Appian Application Platform and recently featured on Appian’s new App Market.