The healthcare industry is in a period of transition. Payers are working to implement forms of value-based care and manage the health of populations at a time when both providers and patients are assuming responsibility in the decision-making process as well. The rise of consumerization and the transition to value-based care are just two examples of forces pushing health payers to work closely with providers and members to address and serve their needs for actionable information. To achieve that end, payers themselves must lean on these stakeholders in order to gain access to previously unavailable or non-existent data sources as claims data.

Claims data supplies useful but limited insight into the healthcare experience. To provide a complete picture of a patient’s health, payers must have not only access to other data sources but also the means to aggregate, analyze, and present all this information in a way that enables improvement in health outcomes. Engaging both members and providers is the key, especially in the process of establishing a single, comprehensive view of the patient.

In this webinar, speakers discuss solutions to several common provider and member engagement challenges, including::

  • Accessing patient data in disparate clinical and financial systems
  • Incorporating patient-generated health data and other information
  • Integrating and presenting data analytics in a useful way
  • Preparing for new and emerging member and provider data needs