The rapid growth of “digital ambitions” are changing the way oil and gas companies operate. According to Gartner, “CIOs are under pressure to deliver new forms of strategic value.” However, CIOs must rethink operating models and IT capabilities to have the agility, speed, and innovation that is required to deploy digitalization at enterprise scale.

This Gartner report is a must read for oil and gas companies looking to intensify their adoption of digital technologies, with actionable insights on:

  • Critical digital capabilities emerging for oil and gas companies
  • Strategies across business, digital, and IT to enable a digitalized enterprise that is responsive, adaptable, and proactive
  • Changing enterprise operating models to meet digital business demands
  • Addressing potential barriers to adopting digital technologies

Gartner, Why IT Operating Models Are Under Strain and How Oil and Gas CIOs Should Respond, Simon Cushing and Rich McAvey, 8 August 2018