Appian RPA with Blue Prism

When efficiency counts.

Today’s organizations are focused on serving customers while saving costs. Yet, the seamless customer experience and efficiency they seek is at odds with an IT environment full of legacy systems.

Use Appian RPA with Blue Prism to become an efficient, customer delighting organization. Automate the routine tasks across your legacy and modern systems by utilizing robotic process automation. Free your workforce to drive even more value to the customer.

Robotic Process Automation with Low Code and BPM

Robotic Workforce Manager Solution

Control modern workforce operations to deliver maximum ROI

  • Expand and scale your automation program.
  • Bring people & robots together for greater automation. Manage exceptions, human activities & cognitive automation.
  • Empower line of business users with greater self- service capabilities.
  • Enable automation Center of Excellence (COE) to provide visibility, governance, and control over the digital workforce.

RPA End to End Automation

End-to-End Automation

Use RPA to automate repetitive manual work and BPM for your overall business processes.

Build robotic automation tasks in an intuitive, drag-n-drop interface. No coding required.

Routine Work
Saddle the robots with routine tasks, freeing the workforce to drive value, not cost.

All Platforms
Automate any application on any platform – mainframe, windows, WPF, java, etc. Robots can do the same tasks as humans.

Eliminate Errors
Free yourself from human errors. Robots do the same task 24×7. No mistyping or fat fingering.

Gartner Names the Top Robotic Process Automation Vendors

Appian's integrated Blue Prism technology ranked as a Leader.


Break down the barriers between people, systems and processes.

Bring people and systems into completely automated processes with robotic process automation and market leading business process management.

Any Device
Support users regardless of their device. Apps built in Appian run on any device or OS and trigger process workflows including those that contain robotic tasks.

One Interface
Wrap complex legacy systems in Appian’s intuitive user experience, accelerating system adoption and delighting users.

One Place
Use robots and Appian’s advanced integration connectivity to collect all of the data and actions about your business into one place – Appian Records.


Modernize Legacy Systems - RPA


Keep your legacy systems. Improve the user experience.

Mobile Ready
Applications built in Appian automatically port as native mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

Fully Web-Based
Move from green screen to modern, sleek web interfaces. Applications built in Appian use modern UI frameworks and run on all major web browsers and platforms.

Social Collaboration
Collaborate across departments and geographies on data and actions tied to your legacy systems. Tasks taken and data gathered from legacy systems can spawn collaboration sessions breaking down the silos between employees and teams.

Front-end your legacy systems and provide a seamless user experience before, during, and after your transition to a modern system. No business disruption.


Track, audit, and report on robot actions. Make sure you get the most from your investment.

Track work done by robots with powerful, custom reporting and dashboarding available via mobile and web applications. Find inefficiencies in robot powered workflows, driving even more value.

Ensure compliance and auditability with detailed timestamp and logs of all actions taken by robots and human operators.

Handle exceptions and ensure robots can continue work with automatic alerts when robots encounter an error.

Start processes in response to robot actions, to handle exceptions or execute complex processes tying together API integrations and AI-driven business rules.

Manage Robot Actions Intuitively