Interested in exploring the Appian platform? We've hand-picked these resources to get you started.

Introduction to Intelligent Automation with Appian

Join Malcolm Ross, VP of Product at Appian, as he gives a technical introduction to Intelligent Automation, including:

Intelligent Automation
Learn about intelligent automation and what it is made of.

Low-Code Designer
See how to utilize Appian’s Low-Code designer for better Intelligent Automation.

Live Demo
See a live demo showcasing how to use iBPM + AI/ML + RPA + Integrations for customer service.

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Introduction to Enterprise Low-Code

Join Austin Fathman, Sr. Product Strategy Developer at Appian, as he reviews and demonstrates Appian’s Enterprise Low-Code platform, including:

Essential Capabilities
Explore the essential capabilities that differentiate Enterprise Low-Code platforms.

Critical Features
See the critical features of the Appian platform that enable rapid solution delivery.

Get Started
Learn how to get started building your first application on Appian.

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Introduction to the Appian Intelligent Contact Center™ Platform

Join Jorge Sanchez, Director of Product Strategy at Appian, for an introduction to the Appian Intelligent Contact Center™ Platform, including:

Cost vs Profit
Explore how you can shift the focus of your contact center.

AI to Low-Code
Learn how to transform your customer experience by leveraging cutting-edge tech.

Live Demo
See how to use the Appian Intelligent Contact Center™ Platform for customer service.

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Introduction to Integrating Software Robots into Your Business Process

Join Prittam Bagani, Director of Product at Appian, as he provides an introduction on how to integrate software robots (RPA) into your business processes. In this webinar you will:

Appian and RPA
Learn how to use Appian and RPA together to drive greater end-to-end automation.

Real-World Examples
Look at real-world examples of how some of the world’s largest businesses are automating their business process by combining people, systems, and robots.

Live Demo
View a live demonstration of joint solutions on the Appian platform.

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