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Accelerate time to value. Streamline end-to-end onboarding. Provide business users with unprecedented visibility and control.

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Relationship managers and onboarding teams are often burdened by fragmented processes and an inability to adapt to quickly changing business strategies and regulations. This limits their ability to onboard clients in a timely manner, negatively impacts client experience and delays time to revenue.

What’s needed is a simple, modern onboarding solution that increases speed to market and provides business friendly control over the entire onboarding process.

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Speed, simplicity, and savings in action.

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With Appian, State Street improved onboarding time by 19% in 1 year, realized a 30% improvement in operational efficiency and reduced losses due to errors by 50%.

With Appian, Addiko Bank simplified and digitized their loan process into 3 steps, reduced business lending approval time to 3 working days, and cut customer wait time by 57%.

Institutional onboarding done right.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Accelerate value and minimize implementation risk.

Worry-Free Deployment

Start with a pre-built solution that’s easily configurable to your institution.

Simple to Use and Modify

Templatize onboards based on customer profile, product type, and domicile.

Flexible & Future-Proof

Continually optimize your process based on performance metrics.

Onboard faster. Manage exceptions.
Reduce compliance overhead.

Recognized as best-in-class by Aite.

“The low-code, rapid deployment, and easy-to-tweak nature of the Appian platform has leant itself well to the requirements of technology-savvy capital markets firms.”

– Aite Impact Matrix: Client Life Cycle Management Vendor Review


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