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Clinician On-boarding & Credentialing Management

Execute more efficient and effective on-boarding for clinicians

Hospitals and clinics that participate in clinical trials must ensure that all clinicians are brought into the organization properly and with the appropriate vetting. However, onboarding often requires multi-system logins that are typically slow and cumbersome. With clinician hiring needs at an all-time high, speed is of the essence to bring them on board efficiently and with high integrity.

Implementation of the Appian Platform can provide the next level of visibility across silos of clinical and financial data. This in-turn provides more efficient and successful clinician onboarding.

Appian’s clinical onboarding solution can:

  • Automate laborious, manual processes to speed-up execution
  • Break down data silos to offer a single view of all relevant information for users
  • Ensure that clinical care quality is upheld to the highest degree with compliance controls
  • Offer visibility into progress throughout the entire onboarding process

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Clinician dashboard