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Adjuster Assignment and Coordination

Manage and optimize adjuster resources

The assignment of each claim to the right adjuster is key to an optimal outcome. Insurers assign claims based on the nature of the claim, the complexity, the loss location, the adjuster’s skill set and location, and the availability or capacity for the adjuster to handle that claim.

Appian delivers streamlined claims resource management – from the initial adjuster assignment through the management of the entire claims process – resulting in increased collaboration, effectiveness, and faster claims resolution, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Highlights of the application include:

  • A single view with role-relevant information accessible via multiple devices, enabling coordination of claim intake with field and desk adjusters
  • Access to a mobile app enabling field adjusters to upload a claim, take pictures, capture voice notes, collaborate with HQ, see a claim status, and more
  • Easily integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the claims management process to determine potential fraud cases
  • An end-to-end view of the process, enabling workload management and more accurate reporting

Application Views

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