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Facility M+A Onboarding, Standardization, & Audit

A low-code platform for faster mergers & acquisitions

With large integrated delivery networks (IDNs) consistently looking for the next potential hospital acquisition, it’s vital that the mergers and acquisitions process be as seamless as possible. The desire of these mergers and acquisitions is to provide patients with the best health experience possible, so organizations need a platform that helps make that happen.

Using the Appian platform, healthcare organizations can eradicate frustrating manual processing and disjoined systems and their healthcare network to the next level.

  • Experience the power and speed of a low-code platform for faster completion of mergers and acquisitions and faster return on your investments
  • Easily manage and act upon complex client real estate and lease teams in a unified platform across multiple applications
  • Complete your audits up to 20x faster on the HIPAA compliant Appian Cloud

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